Blossoming of Ausar’s Energy

set-ausarThe spiritual energy story regarding the battle between Set and Ausar, at one level, represents the reconciliation of the opposite balance between father Set, as the air element and the son/sun, Ausar, as the fire element. The air element is about mental structure. Also, it denotes the spiritual aspect as Father Spirit, the righteous spirit, the father of responsibility. He is also known as Chronus or Father Time. While the son/sun as the fire element, the opposite, is about the passion of his desires that denotes the power aspect as the son/sun of power, an action energy.  The son/sun is irresponsibly dictated by his spontaneous desires.  It was necessary for Father Time to cut the son of ultimate power into 14 cycles of time, until he could mature in his nature and become responsible so as to not abuse his power.  The son/sun is now utilizing his power in harmony with the father of spiritual righteousness.

ausar-osirisWe entered into the Aquarius Age on December 21, 2013, and we have completed enough cycles to evolve to the next level of spiritual empowerment. We must evolve out of an abuse of power into humanitarian empowerment. Ausar has become whole or holistic. Aquarius is the sign of evolution and the humanitarian, which is opposite Leo, the Creative Ruler. As we balance the energy of “I know” with the sign of the Creative Ruler, I know I am the Creative Ruler of the Universe in order to activate that kingdom, evolving from an abuse of power to an humanitarian, righteous empowerment.

The fire element indicates power and Sagittarius is the last fire sign.  Its planetary ruler is Jupiter, the planet known as the Great Beneficent. Whatever Jupiter influences, it enlarges with abundance, which is Ausar’s energy. So, as we complete this spiritual cycle or spiral from the Sagittarius energy of 2014 to the Sagittarius energy of 2015, we will see Ausar’s energy blossoming into full strength and power, matured in the responsibility of a righteous spiritual purpose, and fulfilling an infinite universal process of transformation and regeneration for evolution of royal creative empowerment.  Hold on tight family for we are about to take the most wonderful ride of our lives!

Peace, power & healing family

SiStar Mama Myrah

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