209800_207310255953798_4514601_o209800_207310255953798_4514601_oIn Astrology, there is a configuration of planets that designate Modes which consists of 3 crosses.  Each Cross consists of 4 Signs that indicate whether it is in a Cardinal Cross, Fix Cross or a Mutable Cross.  Each Cross also contains all 4 Elements and are paired in the Cross as Opposite Energies.

There is the Cardinal Cross which consists of the Cardinal Signs of Aries (Fire) which is Opposite Libra (Air) and Cancer (Water) Opposite Capricorn (Earth).  These are the Signs which Initiate or Activate a set of Energy.  These are the Royal Signs of the Zodiac.  Aries activates the Spring, Cancer activates the Summer, Libra activates the Fall and Capricorn activates the Winter.

Next we have the Fix Cross.  This Cross consists of Taurus (Earth) Opposite Scorpio (Water) and Leo (Fire) Opposite Aquarius (Air).  The Fix Signs Sets into motion what the Cardinal Signs activates.  The Fix Signs are considered the Army or the Enforcers of what the Cardinal Signs activates.

The third Cross is the Mutable Cross and consists of Gemini (Air) Opposite Sagittarius (Fire) and Virgo (Earth) Opposite Pisces (Water).  The Mutable Signs Adapts to the Whole what is Enforced by the Fix Signs that the Cardinal Signs initiates.

My focus at this time will be the Fix Cross since the Sun is now in Scorpio which is the Fix Water Sign of the Zodiac.  The Sun always indicate which Energy is in focus from the Universe.  On August 11, 1999, most all of the planets were positioned in all 4 of the Fix Signs which was called “The Cross of CruciFIXion”.  This meant that it was time to reverse Rulership from a Physical, Material Power (Leo, not in Balance with its Opposite Sign, Aquarius, the Sign of the Humanitarian) to a  Spiritual, Creative Power as we went into the Aquarius Age as of December 21, 2013.  Aquarius is also the Sign of Evolution and the Sign of “I Know”.  So it is time for the now Healed New Age Rulers to Evolve in Our Knowing as the Humanitarian Rulers out of the Abuse of Power which has reached its maximum programming in the prior Age of Pisces, the Sign of “I Believe” where we have been programmed Subconsciously in a false belief in this Illusion.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis of this Fix Cross scenario indicates that in order to Evolve (Aquarius) into the new Spiritual Creative Rulers (Leo), on an individual personal basis, there must be a Transformation (Scorpio) of Our Habits & Values (Taurus).  We must take our Values away from the Matrix (the Ma-of-Tricks), Materialism (the Ma-of-Terror) and the External Father-of-Illusions and turn Internal to Our Ancient Memory in a reconnect to the Guidance and Knowledge of Our Ancestors, the Original Rulers of Daughter Earth, the optimal Energy of Character. This will then transmutes the Energy from a individual personal level to a collective Spiritual level.  You must pool Energy to Create a Spirit.  Physical is individual while the Spirit means a Collective and the formula of Creation is the Equal Balance of Opposites.  Two halves makes a whole or Holistic which is what God means, having a complete spiral or 360 degree access to all the Energies of the Universe.

It is time to Balance the  MaMa of the Souls of our Ancestors with Father Spirit, the Righteous Spirit and the Lord of Karma to become Whole or Holistic for a new Humanitarian Empowerment out of an Abuse of Power in this infinite process of Transformation and Regeneration of Creative Empowerment.

Peace, Power & Healing, Family – SiStar MyRah209800_207310255953798_4514601_o

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