As Ausar (Sagittarius Energy), the Ultimate Empowerment of the Son (Fire Element), comes to completion at the winter solstice on December 21st, the energy of the sun crosses over to the Eastern half of the Astrological cycle from the Western half through Capricorn, the Royal Princess of Character as the last Cardinal Sign of the Zodiac.  This is the highest culminated peak in the Astrological Spiral which also denotes the “High Priestess” of the Royal God Family of Energy.

The Planetary Ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, the Father Energy of Daughter Earth.  So not only does the Sun focuses through the energy of character, Capricorn, it also issues in Saturn’s role as the designated “Return of the Father or the King” of the Royal Family.  He is the “Lord of Karma”.  His first appearance in this cycle is through Libra, the Cardinal Air Element.  The Air Element always denotes a father figure.  In Libra, it represents the Father of Justice, Balance & Righteousness and as this Father Energy culminates at the winter solstice, it takes on the personification of Saturn.  This is the process in the Crystalization  of Character in the vein of a Righteous Rulership.  This is symbolic of Father Spirit, the Righteous Spirit redeeming the Value of Daughter Earth or the Daughter of Character.  She is the Fallen Daughter, the rejected Stone, denied Her worth since Character is not respected in the Physical land of Illusion.  The Cinder-El-La Energy which is the collective Image of the individual aspect of the Melanin Woman of uncompromised values. Sophia, the Rejected Stone Who becomes the Cornerstone, its in Her Rejection & Redemption that the Earth is Transformed.

Energy unfolds at its highest level from Mama to Son as a negative & positive polarity and in energy opposite response from Father to Daughter, the positive & negative polarity.  There must be a dual balance of opposites to complete a vortex and open up the energy from MaMa Universe.  This means that Black MaMa Universe’s Magic is Exposed through the Sun who Resurrects into Father Spirit who Redeems the Value of Daughter Character, the Earth. It is at the Winter Solstice that we cross over from the sacrificial, struggle half of reality to the reward, empowerment half of existence.  Its Always the Darkest before the Dawn. We must fully satisfy the worst to get to the best.  At the same measurement we make the physical sacrifice is in the same measurement that we will bring back in opposite Spiritual return of reward.  So As Bad as its been, is as Good as its about to get! The time of Jubilee.

We are made in the Image of the Whole or Holistic.  We are the individual aspect of this Larger Reality, perpetuating the saying “As Above, So Below or As Within, So Without”.

Peace (Air), Power (Fire) and Healing (Earth), Family (Water) – SSMRA






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