8 thoughts on “Videos

  1. sister nura

    yes my beloved sister i feel everything you have said and i know that we are our ancestors
    spirit is energy and gladly many of the things you have i have said. i call myself a wisdom keeper
    i was born july 3 1954 i do not seek a reading for me but i would like more astrological info on
    the melanated beings classified as african americans and on the continent. how do we become
    nagas how do we tune into the cosmic forces.how do we activate the uraeus and become
    master of the 2 lands once again. from a child i have always looked up in the sky unfortunately
    i never learned to read them. still on occasion they do speak to me. i appreciate you peace
    sister nura


    1. Thank you Sister Nura, I seem to be drawing out and connecting to Enlighten Ones lately. We are definitely Holistic Together since we are Opposite Signs and practically the same age. I am pleased and humble at your recognition of the information that Spirit has chosen me to impart. Peace, Healing & Power, Family of the Cosmos!


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